Self-organization of Coevolutionary Networks

 Daichi Kimura and Yoshinori Hayakawa, June 2008
We have investigated a simple coevolutionary network model incorporating three processes - changes of opinions, homophily and heterophily. In this model, each node holds one of G opinions and changes its opinion like the voter model. Homophily is a tendency that connections form between individuals of same opinions and heterophily is an opposite effect. If there is no heterophily, this model corresponds to the Holme and Newman's model (Phys. Rev. E 74, 056108). We show that the behavior of this model without heterophily can be understood in terms of a mean field approximation. We also find that this model with heterophily exhibits topologically complicated behaviors such as small-world property.

[1] Coevolutionary networks with homophily and heterophily,  Daichi Kimura and Yoshinori Hayakawa, to appear in Physical Review E (2008).