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Transportation & Accommodation

Transportation & Accommodation

For your convenience, Tohoku Communications Inc.(TCS) has to offer in transportation and hotel accommodations in Sendai, as the official travel agent of this conference.

Tohoku Communications Inc.(TCS)
Kotsukosha Bldg 3F, 3-6-8 Chuo,
Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-0021,Japan
Phone: +81-22-262-5055
FAX: +81-22-262-5002
E-mail: tcs02@thk.jtb.co.jp

Sendai City

(Sendai ) is located to the Pacific Ocean side at 300 km north of Tokyo. It takes about 2 hours from Tokyo by Tohoku-Shinkansen(bullet train) and 1 or 2 hours from most other cities in Japan by air. Please click here for details.

Sendai was built as a castle town in 1600 and continues to develop as the center of politics, economy and culture in the Northeast Region of Japan, and is called gacademic cityh as a center of education. There are many scenic spots and places of historical interest in and around Sendai, such as Matsushima, one of the most beautiful places in Japan. There are also many famous hot spring resorts near Sendai.

Here are some informative WWW sites about Sendai:


The Organizing Committee has reserved sufficient rooms at discount convention rates to accommodate all participants and accompanying persons. The Accommodation Reservation Form B ( PDF/ HTML ) should be sent by postal mail or fax to Tohoku Communications Inc. (TCS) before October 4. If a room at your first choice hotel is unavailable, the second choice (or third choice) hotel will be assigned. Reservation confirmation and the estimation for the total room charge will be sent to you by E-mail or fax. A brief map around the conference site is here.





From theConference site


Sendai Tokyu Hotel

10,000 JPY

16,000 JPY

15 min on foot


Sendai Daini Washington Hotel

8,200 JPY

14,400 JPY

10 min on foot


Sendai Daiichi Washington Hotel

7,200 JPY

Not available

10 min on foot


Hotel Bel Air Sendai

8,000 JPY

15,000 JPY

20 min on foot


Sendai Fuji Hotel

7,350 JPY

Not available

20 min on foot

*The amount of charges is per room for one night.
*Above room rate includes government tax and service charge but not meal.
*Please pay all charges directly to the hotel when checking out in cash or by credit card.
*If you want to change or cancel your reservation, please contact TCS office as soon as possible.