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The international conference entitled

Dynamical Aspects in Complex Systems from cells to brain

will be held at Sendai, Japan, on November 29 - December 1, 2000.

Recent progress in physics of nonlinear, non-equilibrium systems is opening a new way to understand biological systems, especially their dynamical aspects, when it is combined with emerging innovations in biology. Many important biological problems are related to spatio-temporal control of organization. Vast amount of examples can be found in control of gene expression, cell signaling, cell mobility, and cellular mechanism of development, as well as information processing in brain. In these far from equilibrium problems, nonlinear dynamics is playing crucial roles. The purpose of the conference is to present the forefront and discuss about new insights in dynamical aspects of biological systems by getting together researchers from different communities such as biophysics, nonlinear science, and neuroscience.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in Sendai, to share the knowledge and the expertise with the others in the field; to get in touch with the colleagues from around the world..

We look forward to seeing you in Sendai.

Yasuji Sawada (General Chairman)

Research Institute of Electrical Communication
Tohoku University