Physics of Structures, Functions and Living States of
Biological Organism

Yasuji Sawada

Research Institute of Electrical Communication
Tohoku University, Sendai 980, Japan

We discuss in the first part of this paper the nature of cell motions in biological organisms in relation to self-organization and body motion based on a series of experimental studies of hydra and dictyostelium: model biological organisms. We present optical and NMR experimental results on the cell motions and deformations in these model organisms during self-organization and migration. .

Secondly we discuss recently observed Turing-type symmetry breaking patterns in 2d-aggregate of dictyostelium and the realistic situation of the ``proportion regulation'' of dictyostelium. We discuss the relation of these apparently contradicting two mechanisms.

Thirdly we discuss what is the living state of biological organism. Here we define the subjective state of higher animals based on the psycho-physical experimentals of the motion of hands in response to the motion of the target visually recognized. The experimental data showed that the motion of the hand clearly preceeds the motion of the target and the magnitude of the foresight is related to the value minimyzing the future expected error. Base on these experimental observation we discuss the living state and the subjective state of biological organusms.